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Department Schemes

We are agents of the Department of Agriculture and approved facilitator for KT discussion groups. We complete and submit applications on behalf of clients for various schemes the department introduce from time to time.

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Analytical Advice

Scientific analysis of a number of aspects of your farm and stock will help improve growth and increase margins.

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Farm Building Design

We design farm buildings. Ensure that they meet department of agriculture specifications for correct pollution control and slurry storage requirements.

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Cross Compliance & Records

To receive a payment under a single payments scheme farmers must follow a variety of environmental regulations, public health, plant health, animal welfare and land maintenance. The regulations are called SMRs (Statutary Management Requirements).

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Accounts Analysis & Profit Monitoring

This involves assessing farmers accounts and records so that they can be compared to other farmers of similar enterprises.

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Nitrates & Fertiliser Plans

Intensive farms must ensure that they meet nitrates regulations layed down by the Department of Agriculture.

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