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Diet Assessment

Prostep's nutrient analysis involves identifying nutrient imbalances in the diet of horses and providing practical solutions to enable them grow and mature in the best possible way so that their potential ability can be attained on the race track.

The Prostep process begins prior to pregnancy when the foal is in uterus. The diet of the mare is assessed for nutrient composition. From this scientific analysis the dietary needs are identified and supplemented in a single product specific to the needs of the horses on each individual farm.

The diets of foals and young horses are monitored and supplements containing Major and Micro Minerals are specially devised to ensure good bone development and growth at all stages of development.

As grass makes up the much of the diet for developing horses, special emphasis is placed on ensuring that the soil is well managed and has good mineral balance. Specially manufactured supplements can then be added daily to the feed of the horses to bridge the gap.


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